Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New paintings are posted on my web site.  I finally found someone to photograph my paintings so I can post more now, thank goodness. The palette knife is my new friend and some of my most recent works show the texture and impressionism of the palette knife. Love it!

Two weeks ago we spent 3 days in Kinston, NC on the "Chef and Farmer Tour" sponsored by SC ETV.  We had dinner at Chef Vivian Howard's restaurant, lunch at the Boiler Room which is an oyster bar owned and operated by Vivian and her husband, Ben who is also an artist. The last day we went to Vivian's test kitchen and had a lesson from Lillie on making biscuits.
Oh my goodness, it was so much fun and the food was fantastic! One of my favorite things was the oyster appetizers served on a pork skin with some awesome sauce on top and a jalopeno pepper. The post skin stays crunchy.  So good. I'll use that trick.

While there we saw some of Ben's very nice art work.  He paints large abstracts which are really beautiful.

Keep enjoying art...