About the Artist

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t draw or sketch something.  When I was growing up, my
teachers  often complained to my mom that I was sketching in class and not paying attention.  As a native of Columbia, South Carolina, I was lucky to attend Dreher High School which offered an excellent selection of art classes under the instruction of Mozelle Skinner.    Practicality replaced my dream of becoming an artist when I chose nursing as my career. I  graduated from Lander College and later earned my BSN from Medical College of Georgia.

I began painting in watercolors in 1980’s but soon found nursing too demanding to continue painting.  After retiring from a 38 year nursing career in 2003, my husband Jim and I along with our big cat, Slick, sold our home in Greenwood, SC and moved aboard our 38 ft. sailing catamaran, “Xanadu”, for a wonderful 6 years.  We sailed the coastline from Annapolis, MD  to the Keys and the Bahamas.  During hurricane seasons we would dock in either Charleston or Myrtle Beach.   Although I thought I would be able to paint aboard our boat, I quickly found that I was wrong because it was too windy and the cat loved to play in my paints.

In 2008 we sold “Xanadu” and moved into our home in Summerville, SC.  I was motivated to begin painting again so I joined the Charleston Artists Guild and began studying oil painting under the direction of Joyce Hall , a well-known and respected Charleston artist and teacher.  Some of my paintings reflect a few of my best memories including the Bahamas and the people there.  Perhaps my knowledge of anatomy enhances my ability to paint the human form. I particularly enjoy painting portraits and love to capture people in the act of doing what they do and children at play.  I frequently participate in shows sponsored by the Charleston Artists Guild.  Recently I was honored with an award in the Charleston   Artists  Guild 2013 Signature Exhibit.



 Artist Statement

Oil paints provide a richness of color that enables me to bring a subject to life. Using a broad spectrum of color and values allows me to show little nuances of color that give my work a subtle luminosity. I prefer subject matter that brings back memories of  pleasant experiences whether it be a special place, child at play, a plate of rich dessert or people just doing everyday things.

Painting portraits is my passion.  I find them especially rewarding because every person has their own story and it is my goal to capture that in my finished product.  It is exciting to see a person come to life on my canvas.